Verifyii Kiosk Offers Temperature Screening, Credentialing Capabilities



South Carolina-based biometric kiosk maker Verifyii is touting its elevated body temperature (EBT) solution to businesses looking to safely reopen their doors to employees and customers following the gradual lifting of lockdown measures stemming from the breakout of the COVID-19 virus.

Curated by infrared fever screening system to help reopen businesses.

The EBT kiosks use thermal imaging cameras to scan an individual’s body to obtain a temperature reading within three to five seconds, and are then able to permit or restrict access to a premises depending on the results of the scan. To help the thermal camera provide the most accurate temperature readings, the system also uses a blackbody reference source to cancel out any environmental “background noise”.


“Our thermal cameras are state-of-the-art, but we’re not a thermal camera company,” said Ben O’Hanlan, Verifyii’s CTO. “We’re a technology company aiming to give organizations the real-time information they need to protect their workforce from a broad range of health and security risks.”


The kiosk is also capable of instructing those individuals who do not qualify for entry to the building or premises to leave while maintaining social distancing practices, while notifying any relevant departments of the situation.


“COVID-19 was a national emergency, but society has come together to ‘flatten the curve’ and prevent our healthcare system from being overwhelmed,” said Brett Kraeling, Verifyii’s CEO. “Now it’s time for companies and organizations to get ahead of the curve, by detecting health and security risks before they blow up into crises.”


Beyond temperature screening, Veryfyii also offers a visitor credentialing platform that aims to put the onus on the visitors. This is accomplished by having potential visitors use the Verifyii app to present their credentials, proving compliance with any regulations — the signing of a nondisclosure agreement, criminal background checks or viewing safety videos, for example — that the organization requires.


Upon establishing that the visitor has successfully completed any such requirement, the app then provides them with a code to be used during the contactless check-in process — which includes submitting to a temperature scan — at the EBT kiosk.


Verifyii emphasises that placing the responsibility of credentialing on the visitor is meant to help free up time for employees.


The Verifyii solution uses cloud-based reporting and analytics to allow for the real-time analysis of the data collected by the EBT kiosks. This happens using the kiosk’s own cellular connection for added security against any potential network issues the organization may experience.