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In the past few months, our lives have been radically changed as a consequence of the COVID-19 outbreak. Many people worldwide have been secluded in their houses. Being allowed to go out just for the purchase of food and medical supply results in a distinct decrease in the number of infections.

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With the vaccine production and mass distribution still months away, governments need to implement new prevention measures. Both private businesses and public facilities must face the threat of a new increase in transmissions.


Besides the utilization of the infrared thermometer, we have recently seen the deployment of the infrared thermal camera as a new tool for prevention. In this article, we will talk about how to prevent epidemics by using infrared thermal cameras equipment.


Before talking about preventing epidemics by using infrared thermal cameras, let’s know more about them.


Also called thermal imaging camera, an infrared thermal camera is a device able to create an image using infrared radiations. It can detect infrared energy and convert it into electronic signals. Through infrared energy detection, infrared thermal camera can sense, quantify, and precisely measure heat sources.


Thanks to infrared technology, thermal imaging cameras can also effectively measure human body heat and evaluate irregular spikes of high temperatures.


When contracting the COVID-19, the virus has an incubation time of roughly two weeks. The most common symptoms are high fever, cough, and breathing difficulties. Since these conditions can be manifested even due to other diseases, people affected by COVID-19 are not simple to identify.


Private businesses and public facilities need to have a quick, effective way to assess if a person could be potentially infected. Prevent epidemics by using infrared thermal cameras can be successfully achieved, allowing the infrared thermal cameras to run a quick temperature screening.


Detecting elevated body temperature caused by fever, enable security personnel to isolate the case and with medical staff support confirming or not for the presence of COVID-19. Prevent epidemics by using infrared thermal cameras is a non-invasive procedure, which can help to contain the virus spread risks granting people’s safety.


China was able to contain the COVID-19 through the deployment of Infrared Thermal Cameras. One of the most reliable tools on the market is Dali DM60 infrared thermal camera series. Dali portable long-distance scansion cameras are extremely easy to set up. They can rapidly run body temperature screening of over 30 people in the field of vision within 0.1 seconds.


Prevent epidemics by using infrared thermal cameras is a quick and effective method. Thermal imaging cameras are mostly implemented in private and public buildings such as offices, airports, and shopping malls. They are designed to have real-time face temperature scanning, face recognition, data comparison, and image capture.


Because of their secure software management, they can generate reports and automatically keep track of traffic statistics according to the date, people’s temperature and respective names.


Prevent epidemics by using infrared thermal cameras during this time is vital. If you are interested in utilizing infrared thermal cameras systems to help to fight the virus spread, we recommend relying on reputable sources.