Could thermal technology be the new, best way to check temperatures?

Our new normal involves extra health and safety precautions to prevent the spread of the highly contagious disease.

“It’s to help create a barrier to keep people from being cross infected,” said McClinton.

As people move in front of the camera, the system starts reading. If the person has an elevated temperature, a red box shows up around their head and alerts staff that they need additional testing. Developers say this is not a medical device, but it could be used as a first step in identify people who may have a fever – which is a COVID-19 symptom.

“It will alert you and you can do a secondary protocol. You could politely give them a disposable thermometer and check on their own to see if the readings are correct,” said McClinton.

As businesses across the country look to reopen, the company believes this could be an essential pre-screening device.


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