Coronavirus outbreak: NML develops no-contact thermometer

An infrared thermometer facilitates temperature checks from a distance, a feature crucial for fever screening in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Along with temperature checks, the use of masks and hand sanitisers have been made mandatory in all workplaces.


A team led by senior principal scientist Sharmishtha Palit and comprising principal scientist Tarun Kumar Das; research fellow Chandan Dutta and project assistant Ravi Bhushan developed the thermometers that will be used at the institute’s two entry gates.


“The infrared thermometers are mandatory for any organisation, but we didn’t get it anywhere. Also, we couldn’t order those available online because their delivery wouldn’t have been possible amid the lockdown. India, I believe, doesn’t have too many manufacturers of infrared thermometers, and the ones that were available ran out of stock. Therefore, we decided to make them ourselves,” Palit said.


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