Carnival Cruise Line Will Use Infrared Cameras for Passenger/Crew Screening



Carnival Cruise Line has partnered with Infrared Cameras Inc to provide thermal camera systems for passenger and crew member temperature screenings. This measure is critical for the revitalization of the cruise industry in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Curated by infrared fever screening thermal camera systems

ICI cameras have the highest level of accuracy — within 0.1 to 0.3 of one degree Celsius. They boast industry-leading internal sensors and robust software.


“We are proud to have a meaningful partnership with Carnival Cruise Line and look forward to helping the cruise industry return to operations confidently and responsibly,” said Gary Strahan, ICI CEO.


ICI’s comprehensive three-step solution to temperature screening includes a thermal camera, blackbody, and a computer. The inclusion of a blackbody temperature reference source is an FDA recommendation to ensure accurate results. Without all three essential elements, crew and customer safety may be compromised.


“All leading thermal camera solutions have three essential elements. This is what the FDA recommends and how ISO 13154, the international standard for using thermographs to identify febrile individuals, calls for setting up screening operations. Accept no substitutes,” Strahan said.


Carnival Cruise Line announced on May 4 that cruises may begin operating from Galveston, Miami and Port Canaveral beginning Aug. 1.


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