Infrared fever screening system

Fever screening body temperature detection

Mass fever screening

Mass screening remote sensing infrared thermography.

Detect body temperature within seconds. Detect temperatures at a distance to increase safety and efficiency.

AI-Based Fever Screener

COVID-19 Symptom Screening Services.

Our system will efficiently detect and respond to high body temperature and sends immediate alerts to help you take action. 

Infrared thermal detection systems

First Layer of screening your employees and customers / visitor’s  temperatures. Safer than touching a person’s face.

Body Temperature Camera | Keep your Facility Safe

Human Body Temperature Measuring Thermal Camera.

Thermal Imaging for Detecting Elevated Body Temperature.

infrared fever scanner

Thermal camera for fever detection – temperature screening thermal solutions

Thermal Imaging can be used for Detecting Elevated Body Temperature. Thermal imaging cameras can be used as an effective tool to measure skin surface temperature and identify individuals with higher than normal body temperature. Thermal cameras cannot detect or diagnose the Covid 19, they are used in combination with other body temperature screening tools for detecting elevated skin temperature in public places with fast screening of individuals.

When the skin in areas around the corners of the eyes and forehead show an elevated temperature above average most thermal imaging cameras will detect and alert. The alerts will help identify the person and help you do further testing to determine if the person might actually have a fever or infected. In todays environment with concern over the Coronavirus infections using thermal imaging cameras to help as a first line of detection is a prudent plan. You can use them in areas such as factories, airports, offices, schools, commercial locations, hospitals, clinics etc.

A top of the line infrared video camera can identify little distinctions in temperature. The one real issue is that it only measures the surface area temperature of the skin. However, this is ok for screening people as a first line in the temperature screening process. It is a quick, economical, noninvasive method of surveying large groups of individuals and, at the least, flagging those with a greater probability of being contaminated for follow-up questioning.

Mass fever screening system

Thermal fever screening systems use cameras that detect the infrared energy that people and objects emit.

Our systems will help you detect people with elevated body temperatures (a prominent symptom of covid-19) without making contact. Use our fever detection systems in areas such as events, retail stores, offices, schools, warehouses, hospitals, clinics, sporting events, concerts and many more. Contact us for more information about our state of the art fever screening thermal imaging systems and fever detection infrared systems.

Mass body temperature fever screening systems

Mass Scan Fever Screening Systems will scan human body temperatures of people in high pedestrian areas such as airports, train stations, factories and other public places. These systems are perfect for establishments where safety and security is important such as workplaces, schools, banks, prisons, shopping malls, hospitals etc. The systems provide for first level of screening for fever that provides very little to no inconvenience for most of the people that are being screened. This system will only detect above normal body temperature that are typically associated with fevers, it will not detect early stages of infection.

What is Mass Fever Screening System?

Mass Fever Screening System scans, identifies potentially feverish persons with elevated body temperatures at any venue with large human traffic from the airports, hospitals, educational institutions, government facilities, bus stations to public events.

The systems provide for real time screening accurately and quickly and not causing unnecessary delays.

Our mass body temperature screening systems are extremely easy to operate with simple user interface.

Locations where you can use our mass temperature screening systems

Airports, Border control,  Bus Stations, Concerts,  Educational Institution, Government facilities, Hospitals, Hotels, Military facilities, Office Buildings, Port of Entries, Public Events, Shopping malls, Zoo

Our human temperature screening system is portable and can be rapidly deployed as a thermal imaging fever screening system and can be used as a first level mass screening test for identifying people that have an above normal body temperature. The first level of screening will provide very little or no interruption at all to people being screened.

Temperature screening device

Our temperature screening system can scan skin temperatures with high speed sensitivity temperature measurement for high volume of people. The system provides a thermal visual image for high accuracy temperature measurement. The systems can visualize and document temperature patterns and changes.

The temperature measurement system is easily installed, operated and relocated with the very minimum of setup. The scanner is intended as an addition to other screening devices to clinical procedures. Infrared fever screening systems.

Product specifications & options:

Scan distance: 0.5 to 1 meter (approx. 1’ 8” to 3’ 3”)

Accuracy: +/- 0.5°C (+/- 0.9°F)

Scan speed: within 1 second

Camera reversible 180°

10”, 15.6”, and 21.5” models

Quad-core 1.8Ghz processor

WiFi and Ethernet

PoE (TTS-10 only)

VESA mount capable


Adjustable pole stand with weighted base

Wall mount

Desktop stands

Photo & thermal result email alerts

Facial recognition

Customized flagging

Integration with access control systems

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